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    Bo Lewis Storms was born to Delana and Bill Storms on September 26, 1980 in Ontario, Oregon. His older sister was born August 11, 1979. His older brother was born Feb 9, 1977. In the spring of 1982 Bill Storms moved from his wife and children and provided no further financial support. Custody was awarded to Delana in a divorce decree on Aug. 12, 1983.


    Bo started Kindergarten in Ontario, Oregon in the Fall of 1985.


    Delana married Robert Shippy on July 4, 1986.


    Delana and Robert, with the children, moved to Robert’s Grandparent’s Dairy Farm in Payette, ID where Bo entered into 1st grade.


    In his early years Bo demonstrated an interest in art and was supported by his parents in developing his artistic skills with an ample supply of art supplies.  As he progressed through his school years, Bo became very active in sports including  wrestling and baseball. During his 8th grade year, Bo was elected to all stars by his winning baseball team members.


    Bo and his step dad spent many hours working on model cars and airplanes. Many wonderful days of camping and fishing were spent by the family on the Payette and Snake rivers.


    Music played a huge part of his life and was a great influence on his art. He attended many concerts and had the opportunity to shake hands with some of the most respected musicians of his generation. He learned to play the guitar. Of course, he also enjoyed video games and continued with his art throughout his school years.


    When Bo was old enough to drive, the family bought Bo a truck which he loved to work on.


    In order to pay for insurance and parts Bo got his 1st job working at the Chevron station in Ontario, pumping gas, washing windows etc.  He worked part time during the school year and summers.


    In September of 1998, Delana and Robert took a job at Salmon hot springs in Salmon Idaho. Upon moving there, Bo entered his junior year of High School. It was not long before Bo, having been separated from his friends in Payette, decided that he would be better off completing his high school education in the job corps program at Centennial Job Corps center in Nampa, Idaho.  In this way he could get his GED and also acquire some particle job training skills.


    Bo completed his GED and received actual on the job training performing carpentry and general construction and also learned  the basics of being an electrician while working on a hospital.

    In the mean while, Delana and Robert took another job at Lost Trail Hot Springs, near Sula, Montana. Upon completion of his GED Bo moved home to help the family. During that winter, the winter of 1999-2000, Bo took a job at the Lost Trail Ski area where he had an opportunity to practice some of his construction skills as they expanded the ski area building new runs and lifts.  The work was interrupted by the great fires of 2000.  During that time, Bo sought out and acquired the necessary training to receive a forest service “Red Card” so that he could help protect his community and fight fires.


    Bo continued to work at the ski area through the winter of 2000-2001 where he enjoyed snow boarding and helping his family on their recently bought property in Connor, MT.


    In 2001, Bo joined the Montana National Guard. After completing boot camp and as he was fulfilling his “weekend warrior” duties, Bo continued to use and expand his construction skills by taking a job at Rocky Mountain Log Homes.  While there, he met the tattoo artist Bryan H.  and applied himself to an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist himself.


    After working hard and completing the necessary training and hours, Bo was certified as a Journeyman Tattoo Artist.  Although his career was very short, many people had the good fortune to receive tattoos from Bo’s hand and experience first hand his tremendous artistic talents.


    During the winter of 2004, Bo lived with his sister who helped him get a job with Direct TV. Later he got a job at Cover Tech where he created gorgeous prints and designs on concrete and also began to establish himself as a tattoo artist.


    However, feeling a patriotic call, Bo decided, in the spring of 2005 to enlist in the regular army.  His enlistment was accepted and Bo was awaiting his deployment orders at the time of his unfortunate death on June 5th, 2005.


    Bo was a hard working young man with extraordinary artistic skills.  He loved life and his family, avoided drugs and alcohol, and although he did not live to have a family of his own he touched many with his art and his kindness.